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Grimtoothmania at GenCon!

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Before Grimtooth’s Ultimate collection came out in 2015, I hadn’t done a new Grimtooth book since 1996. That’s a pretty big gap, although I hadn’t entirely left Grimtooth’s employ either.  In 2005, I redid the cover to Traps Too and drew an 8 page comic to go in that tome. But that was about it. Definitely a dry spell in the Grimtooth saga. However that all changed with the Kickstarter for Grimtooth’s Ultimate Collection that Goodman Games did.

Now, Grimtooth (and my services) have become in high demand. This year, I’m actually working on four different Grimtooth books for two different publishers. One book, Trapsylvania – I’ve already blogged about previously. The other three books I had to keep a secret until now.

Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer: Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games had a crazy idea at the beginning of June and wondered it there was any chance that I could put together a short GM adventure that tied into the Trapsylvania book, but contained some all-new material. So I came up with Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer, which is a quest for the warhammer that belonged to Grimtooth’s father, Grimfang. I came up with the idea and wrote some of it, but then I manged to get Ken St. Andre to write up the actual tomb and he did a great job with it! Below is the wraparound cover I created for the book. I also drew several maps and illustrations for it as well. This should be out at GenCon, and I’ll be around to sign it


Grimtina’s Guard: As part of the Tunnels & Trolls Phone App project, the fellowship and MetaArcade decided to do a brand new solo adventure to giveaway at Gencon. And if you want to find out all about the T&T app – visit the MetaArcade site!  Ken St Andre came up with the suggestion to  do a Grimtooth related solo as a way to reach out to role-playing gamers who might not have tried T&T, but had heard of Grimtooth. So once he wrote it, I did the cover, interior art and the layout for that book. (Liz Danforth has one or two illos in here as well.) Below is the cover…

GrimSolo Cov colr v2 smlr

Grimtooth Dungeon of Doom: This book was originally published by Flying Buffalo in 1992 and was written by Bear Peters. While working on the ultimate collection, I scanned in all the pages from this book, enhanced the art in various ways and even added a couple of new illustrations. Plus I updated and enhanced the cover as well (see below). We decided that since Bear was going to be at Gencon, now would be a great time to get this reprinted, so right now its at the printer and hopefully we’ll get it back in time for GenCon.

DungDoom Frnt-Spne Back-Cov flat

So there you have it – with all that going on at once, it feels like we are in the throes of Grimtoothmania!  What do you think and which Grimtooth book are you looking forward to getting the most?