About Steven S. Crompton – What am I?

“What am I, some kinda judge or a lawyer? Well, maybe not – but I know what laws suit me…”
Popeye the Movie  (Robin Williams 1980)

SteveCrompton cowboy

I’ve been a art director, graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years now, though in all honesty a lot of what I do is sort of behind the scenes, Besides illustrations I do a lot of logos, layouts, lettering, inking, project management and maps. Art Direction and team management are not the kind of things that usually build a fan base. How many people know who designed the logo for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, or laid out all the pages in the rules or in Grimtooth’s Ultimate Trap Collection? People don’t think about those aspects of a book or game nearly as much, but if you want the book to look good, you better have someone  who knows what their doing or the end product is a mess. Same goes for maps. People see those as utilitarian objects, rather then works of art. But an artist has to draw them. (in this case me).

I’m proud of what I’ve done and I know that the creators and publishers I’ve worked for are glad I put the effort into things I create that make the overall book (or game) look better. Over the years, they’ve used me time and time again. So I must be doing something right.

I’ve done probably several thousand illustrations for Flying Buffalo, GDW, Fantasy Games Unlimited, RSI, Raven Press, and other publishers. So those that do know of my work, may know it from some fairly different places.

Most of you reading this blog probably know me best as the artist for eight Grimtooth Traps books or maybe as the artist who drew most cards for the five the Nuclear War card games Flying Buffalo published. Some of you may remember my GDW sci-fi work as well. I’ve also done over fifty comic books for various companies and no doubt some of you are familiar with them too. And maybe a few of you even remember Lejentia.

Then there’s all the City of the Gods. I created a whole new style of art for those, using a digital college technique that has really brought those books to life in a way few other books are doing at the moment. That style is really unique and its nice to know that even after 30 years, I can still come up with entirely new ways to create illustrations.

Now I’m doing 100 sketch cards for Topps (Mars Attacks) so no doubt some of you are discovering me via that.

If you can’t tell, I’m generally an “up” person who tends to see the shiny side of the coin, rather than the rust. My personal identity is tied into being an artist, I’m not sure what else would be left of me, if you take that away. I’ve been told I’m a workaholic, but it doesn’t feel like that to me, I just do what I love doing. There’s nothing like holding a new book in your hands and knowing you helped make it a reality.

Comments from fans, friends and fellow pros is nice to get too… Got a question about breaking into the biz or something I’ve worked on, Feel free to ask – right here, right now. I’ll answer. I always do.
Got work you’d like me to do for you?  Let’s talk –  Email me as sscrompton@cox.net

To order a T&T Rulebook for shipping in Europe, please add $45 US for extra shipping to the price of the softcover or hardcover edition you want. Send a PayPal payment to my paypal e-mail at skcrompton@gmail.com Don’t forget to tell me which version you want and your mailing address. If you want me to sign the book just ask, my signature is free.

Thanks for reading!        Steven S. Crompton



  1. Jean M Semones says:

    Hi Steve….I found this after watching a movie called “Walt before Mickey”. It reminded me of my childhood and I thought about you since you were an artist way back then in Grade School. It made me wonder what you were doing in your life since that time. I guess as we grow older, certain people pop into mind and we often wonder where they are now. I don’t know if you would remember me or not, but I will always remember you and the love you had for art. Looks like you followed your dream thus far. Nice to see you have done pretty well for yourself.

    • SSCrompton says:

      HI Jean, Thanks for posting your thoughts and even remembering me after all these years! You you and I went to Loloma Elementary School long ago. I too wonder from time to time, where the rest of our schoolmates from those days are. I DO remember you – we were in the same classes for many years. I remember you as being of of the girls who always did very well in school. You were always very serious about homework. I’ve run into a few other Loloma schoolmates over the decades, but most have vanished into the passing of years. I always thought it would be nice to have a Loloma reunion. Thanks for the memories and keep in touch! regards Steve

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