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In the last couple of years, I experimented with creating book trailers and Kickstarter trailers, like the one for Deluxe Tunnel & Trolls and for the 2nd City of the Gods book. Not wanting to lose those skills, I’ve been working on videos that are samples of the upcoming City of the Gods audio book.

I posted one Audio book sample a few months back and now I have completed a new one that gives you a real feel for what a typical chapter is like. To make it more interesting, I have reverse-storyboarded this scene,  by creating images that go with the text. Because City of the Gods is illustrated, I have made, found and amassed a huge archive of images that I can draw upon in order to create these storyboard frames. The art is not meant to be a perfect representation; (I could have spent years putting such a thing together.)  In this case the art is just meant to augment the text as you listen. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen and watch it. Whether you’ve read the read the book or not, I think you’ll find the scene engaging. Lots of action and some insight into the main character of the story, D’Molay.

Here’s a couple of images from the video too. I’ve created these by digitally adjusting, merging and enhancing classic paintings and engravings (mostly from the 19th century) along with a bit of my own art.

Audio2 008

Audio2 044

We are working now to finish the third book in the series as work continues on the audio book for the first novel. Let me know what you think of the samples in the comments section or email me at